Lombok Adventure # 1

Because there are promo tickets Citilink Sby-Lombok airplane, and fad booking is there any matching date. Finally desperate to buy tickets Surabaya-Lombok Rp. 450.000,- round-trip; March 28, 2013 at 03:30 PM and 1 April 2013 at 05:50 PM …. 🙂

After holding the ticket just thought to want to trip with whom … ???? Should I go alone?

While looking for travel friend, also looking for info about Lombok, then also join in Backpacker Lombok while making itinerary … 🙂

When looking for friends, there are friends who are interested but after looking for tickets promo was not able to ticket, finally canceled. Well, already the intention if it must be a solo trip, its okay if I go alone.

It turns out that on 29-31 March 2013 there is a friend from Jakarta who wants to Lombok as well, we finally made an appointment in Senggigi on March 30 morning. Pretty good friends for 2 days 🙂

But two weeks before my leave, I hear will be an audit on 28th March 2013. “whaattt … !!!” that’s right on my departure day to Lombok !!! With anxious hopes, talking to the bos. He said ‘it’s okay’, told to keep going that important material for the audit has been prepared. Thank you Mr. Bos ….. 🙂

Date 27 March 2013, the day before departure, the morning before going to the office, dropped to Tugu station Jogjakarta to buy tickets Sritanjung train to Surabaya, leaving at 07:35 AM arrive at Gubeng st. at 01:34 PM. After buy the ticket, just SMS a friend who in Surabaya, asking if from Gubeng to Juanda Airport far or not? How many hours away? He said far away, could be 1 hour more. Start to panic, because of the plane ticket was written 03:30 PM, it means it must have reached the airport at 02:30 PM. If calculated, the time is enough with the train record coming on time. But, because this is an economic train that is never in time, be increasingly panicked. Especially after arriving home, my father also asked, why buy a ticket Sritanjung, not Sancaka Pagi? Sancaka Pagi is bussines train. My relative who in Surabaya also sms, even told me to leave this evening, afraid tomorrow the time is not overtaken.

That night is really a dilemma, to ask the friends who have been on the economy train, ‘the same time arrival hours listed on the ticket is not?’. There is a responsible answer, there is a reply most late 1/2 hour.

Then sms to a friend who in Surabaya again, asked ‘if from Wonokromo st. to Airport far away?’ and the answer is a relief, “oh, if from Wonokromo st. is near, at least 30 minutes”.

Once calculated, approximate if the train is late 30 minutes, so arrived at wonokromo the latest at 02:00 PM, run out of taxi/taxi ride to the airport, fitting until the airport 02:30 PM.

And that night I sleep with anxious ..: p

On March 28 morning 2013, my father drove to the Lempuyangan station and still suggested to ride Sancaka Pagi. Finally before to Lempuyangan st.stop by Tugu st. to ask for tickets Sancaka Pagi. Obviously, the Sancaka ticket for the morning was sold out.  Just pray its enough time …. 🙂

Exactly at 07:35 AM, I left for the sloop train to Surabaya and at 02:00 PM arrive at Wonokromo st. Fortunately, my relative has been picked up and immediately escorted to the airport, race against time.

And it turns out the plane delay 30 minutes and just departed at 04:00 PM. During the waiting room, I open Lombok backpacker, backpacker community groups in Lombok, and send a message to friends and exchange contacts, and he would pick me up when I got in Lombok. It’s really a relief, the first day in Lombok I’m not alone.

New Year’s adventure, trekking and down the Seruni beach #3

From Poktunggal beach we trekking to Seruni beach, walk along the beach to the east.  Passing through the rocks and down the coral wall, directly adjacent to the sea, is really exciting. We made it to the first beach safely, passed through the rocks, up and down the reef then along the rocky shore. Then we get to the 2nd beach. The beach is quite spacious and beautiful with white sand. Once satisfied take pictures, we continue the journey to Seruni beach.

And this is where the challenge begins. The track is not easy because it must climb the rocks. Friends are quite difficult in this place. After one by one climb the rocks, only Hanung and Eki, suddenly a big wave came and threw them both. Wow, really tense. Clothes and backpacks are all wet with sea water. Finally, all managed to climb to the reef and prepared to continue the journey. But seeing the big waves, we do not want to take risks. We did not go to the beach and ended up resting on this beach. Once pulled over, Eki and Hanung issued their belongings in a backpack that is all wet. Even Eki had to give up his BB damaged by sea water … 🙁

While drying Hanung & Eki’s wet clothes and trying to make a fire to make instant noodles, we rested long enough here. But many times tried, it was hard to make fire, finally gave up not to make instant noodles. Although it had been a heart sport, my friends can still joke around by saying we like the movie ‘Castaway’, stranded on this beach. Hehehe…

After enough rest and watch the clock was only 9 o’clock in the morning and we continue to Seruni Beach with trekking through the hills. By simply following the path, we continue our journey by trekking to Seruni beach. The view from the top of the hill as we were trekking was really nice. We are trekking on the hills bordering the sea. Friends said extreme but I think fun …. 🙂

After climbing down the hill, and asked the father who was in the field, finally, Seruni beach was visible. But unfortunately little bit dirty because the wood trash is carried by the waves. After a walk around the Seruni beach and take pictures, we take shelter in a hut there. The hut is usually used by locals to rest.

In this hut, we helped light a fire by fathers who happened to be there. It is unbelievable that we ourselves light a fire, whether it will work …: p

Finally, we cook instant noodles here. Because freshwater supplies have run out, I and Fajri taking fresh water on the east coast Seruni beach. Actually, there is a source of fresh water on top of the cave on the Seruni beach but has been piped by local villagers. So I took water through a leaking pipe.

Caves on the beach are just a short, so a kind of overdraft on the reef. Once satisfied to rest and spend a lunch of instant noodles, we decided to return to Poktunggal by trekking through the hills.

And after arriving in Poktunggal, do not forget the photo on the tree icon Poktunggal beach … 🙂

New Year’s adventure, trekking and down the Seruni beach #2

Accompanied by rain along the way, I caught up with them. And finally, meet them at Piyungan junction. Eventually, we were eight of us (me, Hanung, Eki, Fajri, Widya, Reni, Wuri & Wilson) went to the Seruni beach. And along the way it is still raining, even in Wonosari city, the rain is getting heavier.

Because of that we finally decided to stop eating dinner first. We eat at the ‘penyet’ stall near Wonosari square. We have long sheltered here hoping the rain to stop. But there were no signs of rain would subside.

Due to uncomfortable owners of stalls, we moved to take shelter at the mosque gas station near the square Wonosari. And here we are all night, spending New Year’s Eve at mosque gas station near the square Wonosari gas station in Wonosari town, sleeping …. hahaha …. 🙂

After midnight, the rain began to subside and there were fireworks on the Wonosari square. I woke up but slept again because nobody was interested to see the fireworks.

And in the late morning, welcome to the year 2013.

As the morning approaches, we continue our journey. But earlier stopped by to buy breakfast ‘nasi uduk’ and chicken porridge in Wonosari market. Finally, around 7 am on January 1, 2013, we arrive at Poktunggal beach. It turns out very crowded, many are camping here. After wondering with one of the stall owners, he said at this time the sea is receding, so it can walk along the coast to Seruni beach. We are getting ready to walk along the beach. All the necessities in check, unimportant goods left in the motor. After the check, we bring nesting, instant noodles but no lighter. Want to buy a match in the stall there was not one who sold matches. Finally, I borrow a gas lighter with one of the mothers of the stall, saying it will return the afternoon because we want to Seruni beach. And the mother is very kind to allow.

And the adventure begins …. 🙂

New Year’s adventure, trekking and down the Seruni beach #1

This is not the first time I am trekking and sidling Seruni beach. But this time it’s special because we plan to camp there at New Year’s Eve and welcome the dawn of 2013 at Seruni beach 🙂 Monday morning on 31 Dec’2012, I was getting ready. Departed to the office with a backpack and mountain slippers. Plan to work half a day, already permit the boss, so can go to Seruni at 2 noon as planned. But it turns out, at 2-noon work is not finished and finally finished at 5 pm. Although from noon to evening it was raining, I was determined to catch up to Seruni. Being prepared from the morning, it would be a shame to fail to Seruni just because of the rain.

I think that other friends had left at 2 this afternoon. So the 5 o’clock after work I contacted other friends who also want to catch up because they can not leave at 2 pm. While waiting for news from friends who will follow, I went to Amplaz. Because I have a 50,000 Carrefour voucher whose validity period expires on this date of 31 Dec’2012. Unfortunately if not used 🙂

After finished shopping, it was still raining so eat first while waiting for news from friends. It turned out that all canceled plans to catch up to Seruni. Oh, no, been disappointed but did not dare to follow by my self to Seruni if rain like this.

Amid this disappointment, there is an incoming call. Friends who plan to leave at 2 this afternoon, just leaving and they just got in Jalan Wonosari. Delayed because they did not get a loan doom for camping. And tell me if I want to catch up will be awaited in 1 / 3an Piyungan. With the happy face, I will agree to catch up. When I asked, did they get a tent loan or not? they did not get a loan. then how will the camping? We’ll see there. Alright…

Story Trip to Mount Bromo #3 end

With ojek motorcycle in Bromo
Whispered sand

In the savanna and the whispered sand of Bromo, we take a lot of pictures. Just never bored photographed …: p

And do not forget the photo with motorcycle taxi, we call the motorcycle gang Bromo. hahaha ….

Because we’re already hungry we finally miss the trip this morning and we ask to be escorted to the entrance. And we are confused again, where to eat?

Finally go back to the stall we had dinner last night. And already know the cooking is not according to our taste. But someone said, try to order another menu.

And finally, we ordered fried rice + hot tea. And just right we fear, its too salty …. Haduh ……

But because we were hungry so we still spent. Uh, I still have a little left …: p

After we had breakfast, returned to the inn, showered and cleaned up, then left Bromo for Surabaya to return to their respective cities.

During the trip chatting about typical food Surabaya, should be a good, after 2 meals in Bromo, not to taste .. hahaha …

Eli mentions several types of food there is duck rice (but open at night), tofu eggs (far), ‘lontong kupang’ (fear of any allergies); become confused.

Because we want to go home by bus via Bungurasih terminal, so will not stop by the city of Surabaya. After confusion determines where to eat, Eli mentions the name of a food stall (forgot his name …: p). We need to eat, which is important to eat …
And finally, the car stopped at a restaurant that looks expensive. Waduh, dah dag-dig-dug ya. But all so relieved (uh do not know with all my friends, which I am relieved, hehe …) because Eli said would treat … Asyiiik ….: D Thanks a lot ya Eli …. 🙂
After lunch, we go to Bungurasih terminal. Here we split up, Imas took a direct bus to Bandung. Eli and Nirma returned to Surabaya, while I, Hanung, Ningrum, Jefri, Mety and Aryani returned to Jogja. After Imas take the bus to Bandung we are also six took a bus to Jogja (Sumber Rahayu, AC economy). I was confused as well, approximately until Jogja at 2 am, when I left the motor at Lempuyangan station. And finally, we decided to ask friend BPI Jogja that Oki to pick up at Giwangan terminal. Thanx for Oki, Yaya, and Moncoz that rainy early morning will pick us up at the station.

At 2 o’clock in the morning until the Giwangan terminal, Mety and Aryani directly take the Purwokerto bus to Jakarta.

Because there is little miss communication, me, Ningrum and Jefri leave Hanung. Because we think the bus to Purwokerto after 4 o’clock, me, Ningrum and Jefri go first and Hanung accompanied Mety and Aryani. But it turns out there is a bus to Purwokerto. Though Ningrum and Jefri already escorted to Lempuyangan station take the motor. While I stopped by where Oki used to be in the Kotagede are because it is impossible to go home alone at 2 o’clock in the morning.

At Oki’s place, there are also friends from Lampung and Jakarta who stay there. It turns out Hanung also following to the Oki, but his house is just close in Pakualaman …. -___-

After a short nap, at 6 AM, I was taken to Lempuyangan station to get the motor. Because this has entered the day-3, the cost of the motor so add 4000.

And finally go home to my home sweet home … 🙂

Do not forget to say thank you many thanks: Hanung, who already troublesome planned this trip. Ukiz and Shely, who visit us at the Gubeng station. Eli for his offer if we want to Ijen and also the treats. Ningrum, Jefri, Mety, Imas, Aryani and Nirma as a friend of the trip, do not give up trip with me ya … Oki, yaya and Moncoz who had been defended early morning rainy days, want to pick us up at Giwangan terminal.