Trip to Makasar #5

In the morning around 6 am, we get off at Maros because we will continue our journey to Bantimurung National Park. From Maros we ride public transport or in Makassar called ‘pete-pete’. Arriving at the National Park Bantimurung still early, we immediately buy tickets and enter the national park area. Since we arrived too early, the butterfly captivity area is still closed. Finally, we head straight to Bantimurung waterfall.

Bantimurung National Park


Around this waterfall, many yellow butterflies are flying in groups. In addition to this waterfall, there are directions to the Batu Cave and Kassi Kebo Lake which is about 800 meters. But I and Lina decided not to go there and quite enjoy the scenery around Bantimurung waterfall. After a short break, take pictures and play water, we will continue the journey.

Bantimurung waterfall


At the National Park exit, we asked the officer about the Maros tourist area. After weighing the limited time, we decided to cancel our visit to Maros and headed straight for Makasar. Riding a ‘pete-pete’ to Makasar plans to get off at Daya Terminal then look for a motorcycle rental to get around Makasar city. But finally, we get off at a gas station, then take a shower and rest there.

It’s noon when we get to Makassar. It turns out the weather in Makassar is very hot, while resting, we negotiate the next plan. The original plan for the motorcycle rental was canceled, we ended up renting a car for the rest of the day in Makassar. We search for car rental info on the internet, then we call, finally get a car that we can rent.

Waiting for about 30 minutes, finally, the car we rent came. We immediately ask to be escorted to Fort Rotterdam Fort. Once satisfied walking and photographing in the area of Fort Rotterdam, we returned to the car and asked to be delivered lunch typical of Makasar food ‘titi noodles’ & ‘Jalangkote’. We are escorted to Makassar’s culinary region. After lunch then we are escorted to the gift shop. I bought sago cake as a souvenir.

The day is getting late, the journey continues to Losari Beach. On this beach, we take pictures and do not forget to taste the typical food of Makassar ‘epe’ banana. banana ‘epe’ is a banana that has not been too cooked, baked then sprinkled with brown sugar sauce.

As the sun began to set, we finally asked to be escorted to the airport. Finished already our journey in Makassar.

See you on the next journey


Trip to Makasar #4

Then we continue the journey to the next destination. But because the stomach is starving we go back to Rantepao town looking for a restaurant. After searching for halal food stalls, we decided to lunch with rice mixed ‘rawon’ sauce.

After lunch, we headed to Bori’ Kalimbuang megalith relics complex. Towards Bori’ Kalimbuang, we ride motorcycles through the cool and beautiful rice fields. In this complex, there are stones menhir which was established in honor of indigenous leaders or descendants of the nobles who have died. In this area, there is also a baby grave but must walk about 700meter. What distinguishes it from another cemetery is a dead baby placed in the Tara tree. But seeing the sky is cloudy, we worry about rain when we do not carry an umbrella. Finally, we get around the area of Bori’ Kalimbuang only.

Bori’ Kalimbuang


While preparing to return to the city of Rantepao, it rains hardly forcing us to take shelter here. It was raining quite a while, I got sleepy. We began to worry if the rain is not abated, even though it is already dark. But eventually, the rain began to subside. After a little rain, we finally return to Rantepao city.

Before returning the motorcycle rental we stop by the bus agent to buy tickets back to the city of Makassar. After getting a ticket and return the motorcycle, we walk around Rantepao downtown while waiting for the bus departure hours to Makassar. When walking around do not forget to stop by to buy Toraja coffee as souvenirs. I also bought a T-shirt bearing the Toraja .

Around 10:00 PM we board the bus and return to Makassar city. Inside the bus, we rest & sleep. Because tomorrow morning there are still plans to go to the Makassar city.

Trip to Makasar #3

Through the streets are relatively quiet, right-left hills and rice fields, after a long drive, and increasingly deserted streets. We were worried about getting lost, we finally decided to ask the people around. Thank goodness we are on the right track, just a few hundred meters away then it will reach the natural pond Limbong.

And finally, we arrived in the tourist area of Limbong natural pond. After parking the motor, we go up the stairs to the natural pond Limbong past the gate marked this tourist attraction. But unfortunately, the gate and stairs to the natural pond Limbong are less well maintained. The staircase and roof of the gate have been damaged. After climbing the stairs and through the gate, we arrived at Limbong natural pond.

Limbong natural pond

Limbong natural pond in the form of a lake with green water surrounded by karst. Looking around the area do not forget to take pictures.On the edge of the lake looks pink swan boat. Looks conspicuous amongst the green surroundings. The boat looked unkempt and rarely used. Perhaps because the lake water discharge was low tide so the boat can not be used.

After enjoying the natural beauty of natural pond Limbong, we continue to the next destination Kete kesu.

Kete kesu

Armed with a map, down a smooth road and a lot of directions makes it easy to find the location Kete Kesu. Kete kesu is a tourist attraction of Tana Toraja traditional house or known as Tongkonan. Here we can see the traditional house Toraja / Tongkonan is still the original roof is still using a coir and overgrown with plants. Here we can also see the barns are always built in front Tongkonan. In Tongkonan we can see buffalo horns hanging in front of Tongkonan. Buffalo horns have meaning prosperity and wealth. It also became the social status of Toraja people in society.



Coffin on the cliff wall in the tomb area

In the vicinity of Tongkonan area, there is a tomb of Toraja community. Toraja is famous for its unique burial way that the corpses are not buried in the ground but buried in the cliffs or in the cave. So, when someone dies, the corpse was put into a wooden box and then placed on a cliff or in a cave.

After traveling around Kete kesu, we continue to the next destination is the funeral area Londa. In Londa, we can see wooden statues placed on the cliff wall. The statues are a representation of the bodies of the dead. Nearby are wooden coffins.

Londa’s tomb area



The wooden statues

Then we will be accompanied by a guide to a cave. Going into this cave we need lighting can be a light or a flashlight. Inside this cave, we can find skeletons scattered and coffins in every corner of the cave. The skeletons come from coffins that are already fragile and crumbling. There are some parts of the cave that have a low roof so we need to bend over it. After walking around the cave, we get out. A bit far from the cave area will be seen a hill with steep cliffs and grove of trees. If our eyes are jelly then it will be seen the coffin tucked between the cliff walls.

Can you see the coffin between the cliff walls?


Trip to Makasar #2

Around 09:00 PM, we landed in Makassar. Looking for a taxi to drive directly to the bus station that would take us to the Toraja. We’re a bit hasty for fear of not getting a bus ticket to Toraja, because of the last bus leaves at 10:00 PM. Fortunately, we still get tickets to Toraja. The bus to Toraja is very comfortable with 2-2 seats equipped with pillows, blankets, and footrest. And we take time during the journey to Toraja to rest. Travel Makassar – Toraja about 8 hours. This bus is the most comfortable bus I ever ride. Although comfortable, still can feel when the bus turned sharply. Because the road that we traveled to Toraja in the form of winding hills and uphill.

The most comfortable bus ever


At around 6:00 AM we reach the town of Rantepao. Rantepao, is the capital of North Toraja district, South Sulawesi, a small town as a cultural center of Toraja society. Rantepao has a myriad of fascinating natural and cultural charms. Get off the bus we immediately greeted some men who turned out to offer bike rental. We finally chose a man in his 30s who first offered a bike rental. We are directly invited to the motorcycle rental. By leaving my ID card, we are both given a motor matic type & 2 pieces of a helmet.

After receiving the bike, we continue to find a place that we can use to shower and clean up. Although the majority of Rantepao people are Christian, there is the Great Mosque of Rantepao. When we see the Great Mosque Rantepao, we go straight to get there to bathe and change clothes. But the grand mosque of Rantepao is under renovation, so the bathroom looks dirty & dusty. But since we do not know the other options, we still decide to take a bath and change clothes here.

After bathing and changing clothes, the body feels fresh. We both headed to Rantepao touristic center to ask about tourism information and asked for a map of Toraja. We tell the officer that we have 1 day in Toraja, because of it, what attractions are recommended. Officers recommended Limbong natural pond, Kete kesu, Londa cemetery and Bori Kalimbuang.

All right, we follow the advice of the officer. Armed with our map to the first destination is the natural pond Limbong. But before starting the journey, we stopped to refuel first.

Trip to Makasar #1

Thank you for Air As ** who often holds promo airline tickets. Promo ticket price can be ¼ of the normal price. When I discovered Air Asia had a Surabaya-Makassar promo, I could not wait to hunt for the promo ticket. I told my friend Lina that there was a promo plane ticket for Surabaya-Makassar and offered her a trip to Makassar. And Lina is interested in traveling to Makassar.

I got a job to find a promo ticket. By the time the promo arrived and I started picking dates. Initially will depart Thursday afternoon and go home Sunday, but after pressing the booking button, there is no ticket available for the Sunday. Finally got a ticket home on Saturday. Booking airfare in July 2013, and departure day April 2014. Hahahaa … Since the departure time is still next year, during the day of departure, let’s save.

Beginning April 2014, we, Lina and I started exchanging info to arrange travel schedules while in Makassar. Because Lina and I do not live in the same city. I live & work in Yogyakarta, while Lina is in Cepu, East Java. From Yogyakarta (Jogja) to Cepu about 5 hours drive. Therefore we only exchange info & news via email & BBM. After some discussion, we decided after arriving in Makassar will go directly to Toraja. Therefore we are looking for info as much as possible how to Toraja & what attractions in Toraja. A day in Toraja then back to Makassar, around the city of Makassar and then directly back to Surabaya. That’s the plan.

Because the plane tickets Surabaya-Makasar, while I’m in Jogja, then I have to go to Surabaya first. And my choice is like when I go to Lombok, take the train. Lina also took the train from Cepu to Surabaya. Thursday morning, we went to Surabaya. I took the Sritanjung train from Jogja to Surabaya. Lina took the train from Cepu to Surabaya. Arriving in Surabaya, I picked up by my relative and escorted to where Lina’s sister, Eva. Eva is Lina’s older sister who lives in Surabaya. Lina had already arrived at Eva’s place.

At Eva’s home, we just rest for a while, then we delivered to the Juanda Airport in Surabaya. The departure hour shown on the ticket is 06:40 PM. When delivering to the airport was confused because of the tickets listed boarding at Terminal 2 Juanda airport, it turns out that the new terminal. Because as far as we know we are usually boarding from terminal 1. After spinning because confused to find a way to Terminal 2, finally arrived. Fortunately still enough time.