Trip to Makasar #2

Around 09:00 PM, we landed in Makassar. Looking for a taxi to drive directly to the bus station that would take us to the Toraja. We’re a bit hasty for fear of not getting a bus ticket to Toraja, because of the last bus leaves at 10:00 PM. Fortunately, we still get tickets to Toraja. The bus to Toraja is very comfortable with 2-2 seats equipped with pillows, blankets, and footrest. And we take time during the journey to Toraja to rest. Travel Makassar – Toraja about 8 hours. This bus is the most comfortable bus I ever ride. Although comfortable, still can feel when the bus turned sharply. Because the road that we traveled to Toraja in the form of winding hills and uphill.

The most comfortable bus ever


At around 6:00 AM we reach the town of Rantepao. Rantepao, is the capital of North Toraja district, South Sulawesi, a small town as a cultural center of Toraja society. Rantepao has a myriad of fascinating natural and cultural charms. Get off the bus we immediately greeted some men who turned out to offer bike rental. We finally chose a man in his 30s who first offered a bike rental. We are directly invited to the motorcycle rental. By leaving my ID card, we are both given a motor matic type & 2 pieces of a helmet.

After receiving the bike, we continue to find a place that we can use to shower and clean up. Although the majority of Rantepao people are Christian, there is the Great Mosque of Rantepao. When we see the Great Mosque Rantepao, we go straight to get there to bathe and change clothes. But the grand mosque of Rantepao is under renovation, so the bathroom looks dirty & dusty. But since we do not know the other options, we still decide to take a bath and change clothes here.

After bathing and changing clothes, the body feels fresh. We both headed to Rantepao touristic center to ask about tourism information and asked for a map of Toraja. We tell the officer that we have 1 day in Toraja, because of it, what attractions are recommended. Officers recommended Limbong natural pond, Kete kesu, Londa cemetery and Bori Kalimbuang.

All right, we follow the advice of the officer. Armed with our map to the first destination is the natural pond Limbong. But before starting the journey, we stopped to refuel first.

Trip to Makasar #1

Thank you for Air As ** who often holds promo airline tickets. Promo ticket price can be ¼ of the normal price. When I discovered Air Asia had a Surabaya-Makassar promo, I could not wait to hunt for the promo ticket. I told my friend Lina that there was a promo plane ticket for Surabaya-Makassar and offered her a trip to Makassar. And Lina is interested in traveling to Makassar.

I got a job to find a promo ticket. By the time the promo arrived and I started picking dates. Initially will depart Thursday afternoon and go home Sunday, but after pressing the booking button, there is no ticket available for the Sunday. Finally got a ticket home on Saturday. Booking airfare in July 2013, and departure day April 2014. Hahahaa … Since the departure time is still next year, during the day of departure, let’s save.

Beginning April 2014, we, Lina and I started exchanging info to arrange travel schedules while in Makassar. Because Lina and I do not live in the same city. I live & work in Yogyakarta, while Lina is in Cepu, East Java. From Yogyakarta (Jogja) to Cepu about 5 hours drive. Therefore we only exchange info & news via email & BBM. After some discussion, we decided after arriving in Makassar will go directly to Toraja. Therefore we are looking for info as much as possible how to Toraja & what attractions in Toraja. A day in Toraja then back to Makassar, around the city of Makassar and then directly back to Surabaya. That’s the plan.

Because the plane tickets Surabaya-Makasar, while I’m in Jogja, then I have to go to Surabaya first. And my choice is like when I go to Lombok, take the train. Lina also took the train from Cepu to Surabaya. Thursday morning, we went to Surabaya. I took the Sritanjung train from Jogja to Surabaya. Lina took the train from Cepu to Surabaya. Arriving in Surabaya, I picked up by my relative and escorted to where Lina’s sister, Eva. Eva is Lina’s older sister who lives in Surabaya. Lina had already arrived at Eva’s place.

At Eva’s home, we just rest for a while, then we delivered to the Juanda Airport in Surabaya. The departure hour shown on the ticket is 06:40 PM. When delivering to the airport was confused because of the tickets listed boarding at Terminal 2 Juanda airport, it turns out that the new terminal. Because as far as we know we are usually boarding from terminal 1. After spinning because confused to find a way to Terminal 2, finally arrived. Fortunately still enough time.

Lombok Adventure #9

This morning check out from the hotel but can leave the backpack here. So I’ll take it after the walk. After leaving the backpack, first find breakfast first. Not far from the hotel there is a restaurant and I had breakfast of Nasi Balap. Rp. 20.000, – Nasi Balap and warm sweet tea. After breakfast, look for motorcycle taxi to drive to Rambiga street. In Rambiga street boarded public transport to the ward harbor to cross to Gili Trawangan. About 2 hours drive through Pusuk line finally down at the Pemenang of North Lombok. From the Pemenang can walk to the ward harbor, but I chose to ride Cidomo. Cidomo is a horsepower transportation tool of Lombok island. After 5 minutes ride Cidomo we arrived at Bangsal harbor. Directly purchased ferry crossing tickets to Gili Trawangan.

About 30 minutes boat ride, finally arrived at Gili Trawangan. Get off the Boat directly looking for a bike rental to rent around Gili Trawangan. In Gili Trawangan, there should be no motor vehicles. So the transportation in Gili Trawangan only bicycles and Cidomo When cycling around the island do not forget to take pictures. Because of I’m alone, so it had to be smart to find a position that can be photographed with a timer. Hehee …

After being around Gili Trawangan and take pictures, I decided to immediately return to Mataram, because time is limited.
Cross back to Bangsal harbor, take Cidomo to Winner, then take public transportation to Mataram.
But when returning to ride public transport, can be directly down in front of the hotel.
Until the hotel, grab a backpack and have time to eat instant noodles. From the hotel then take a motorcycle taxi to the Damri poll to go to Lombok Praya Airport. Unfortunately, when arrived at the Damri pool, the officer said the bus had just left, there have not been 5 minutes. And the next Damri bus schedule is still 1 hour away. If waiting for the next schedule, the time will not be enough to catch the airplane schedule. Really shock, if not to ride Damri then have to take a motorcycle taxi or taxi which cost 4x fold compared with the Damri ride.

But thank goodness I always meet good people. The officer took me on a motorbike to catch the Damri bus that had just left. The officer said he had called Damri’s driver to wait. By motorcycle, we can finally catch the bus Damri and turns out I’m the only passenger of this bus.
Even on the way to the airport, the bus had stopped because the driver bought corn on the cob. Finally, I also buy it. Hehehe…
Arriving at the airport, an hour before boarding, it was a great relief. And it’s time to fly to Surabaya.
Until Surabaya is already night, picked up by my relative and stay overnight in Surabaya.
Early morning transfer to station to buy train tickets to Jogja. After buying a ticket, say goodbye and time to go home …

Lombok Adventure #8

In Mataram, we want to buy souvenirs typical Lombok. Finally to the exotic Bali T-shirt and gift shop. Souvenirs typical food such as Lombok, dodol seaweed and seaweed candied.
After buying t-shirts and souvenirs, we went to dinner. Because last night not been eating at RM Taliwang Irama, then tonight we finally eat here and order of grilled honey chicken. After eating I was taken to find lodging, while Rifa and Goddess stay in Iyan’s place because tomorrow morning they have returned to Jakarta. The first plan to stay at Wisma Nusantara, it turns out that for the single room is not available, available room for three people. Finally, I was escorted to International hotel, Rp.50.000,- / night, twin bed and there is a motorcycle rental. Hear the name of International hotel, do not imagine the hotel is magnificent and nice. The hotel is an old building, the paint on the walls is starting to peel & the facilities are simple in the form of fan & cotton mattress. Although the facilities and buildings are very simple, the bathroom inside, this is what makes me choose this hotel in addition to the day that has been getting late and already very tired. Even before parting, Tio and Iyan looked at me as if they were sure I would stay at this hotel. That night I parted ways with Rifa, Dewi, Iyan and Tio.

After entering the hotel room put the backpack, then take a shower & rest. Tomorrow, the solo trip real adventure begins.Early in the morning after a shower, the intent would bike rental here. But it was a plan. Info from the receptionist, if you want a motorcycle rental should be a message from the night before, can not directly like this. The plan to turn the city of Mataram with motor fails already. After weighing and counting time and asking with the receptionist, I finally decided to go to Gili Trawangan ride public transport.


Lombok Adventure #7

In the morning after breakfast, I immediately checked out from Elen hotel to Rifa and Dewi at Central Inn. It turns out they are both on an early morning stroll at Senggigi beach, so I wait for them. Soon Tio & Iyan comes ready to usher 3 angels walking around. ha ha ha…
After Rifa & Dewi come from Senggigi beach, they also check out from Central Inn. Our first destination to the Malimbu hill. Actually when I came home from the waterfall Tiu Kelep I passed but did not have time to photograph.
Up here we parked directly on the roadside. Wow, I thought ‘okay, parked around the corner again.’ Had time to worry, but Tio said it’s okay … Then the journey continued. Because Rifa there is a deposit from his friend to buy pearls, we finally stopped at one of the pearl shops. Because I do not intend to spend, then just look around and seawater pearls are expensive.

And by our shopkeepers are shown to a place where freshwater pearls are more affordable. Look here and see here, the cheapest pearl if Rp.10.000, – / seed, the size is bigger than a bit of pepper. There is also a seed Rp.500.000, -, I thought ‘It can to buy tickets round-trip’. ha ha ha…
Finally, Rifa bought pearls as well, Dewi did not want to miss. And me, just buy a pearl brooch for souvenirs for my mom. Do not ask the price ya… hehehe … After getting desired, we continue our journey to Narmada Park to have lunch there. Here we eat satay lunch. The satay all sorts of beef satay, chicken satay, and sate marrow. We order satay. Sate is also sweet spicy and there is a kind of spicy sauce. But I think not too spicy so still can enjoy this menu … 🙂

Satay Bulayak


After full, we continue the journey to Tanjung Aan. But before we come to Kampung Tenun. I just look around the woven here, because the price is quite expensive.  Learns a little to weave. hehehe … It’s complicated.
If the tribe Sasak, girls should not be married if not yet able to weave.  We continue to Aan cape and Kuta beach Lombok. Because the day is getting late, we only briefly at Tanjung Aan & Kuta Beach Lombok. After taking pictures, and it was getting dark, we go back to Mataram.

Kuta beach Lombok
Tanjung Aan