Solo Backpacker to Singapore # 7

Once satisfied enjoy the beauty of the Garden by the bay from the top, then I went down and continue around the garden area. Then I went on to Merlion Park. Take the MRT from Marina Bay station, get off at Raffles place station. From here we just walk through the Fullerton hotel, cross the street and arrive at Merlion Park. While walking to Merlion park, I see ice cream seller Singapore’s headliner. I did not miss the opportunity to buy ice cream for 1 $ S.

Merlion Park

I sat enjoying the Merlion park atmosphere while eating ice cream. As the day begins to darken, the lights in this area begin to light up and bring beautiful scenery.

The view at night from Merlion park

While at Merlion park, I met a group of girls from Indonesia who were on vacation in Singapore. We chatted for a while and took turns taking pictures. Hehee ….

From Merlion park, I continued on foot to Waterfront Esplanade. Here it seems that there is a music show. After enjoying for a while, I finally decided to go back to the hostel. Out of Bugis street MRT station, I was hungry. No wonder, have not had dinner yet. Because confused want to eat where. I went to Seven Eleven and bought Chicken rice. Since it is late at night, it can be 50% discount. Not bad …: D

After I warmed it up I brought it back to the hostel. Until the hostel is very late. Instantly eat, bathe and sleep. Tomorrow morning it’s time to go back to Jogja.

In the morning at breakfast, I met some Indonesians staying here. A woman from Bekasi. He came to Singapore with his parents to attend a graduation ceremony for his sister studying in Singapore. Chatted for a while, I excused myself to leave for Changi Airport because it was time to go home. Do not forget I call Zain to say goodbye and thank you.

Time to board the plane back to Jogja. Goodbye Singapore, a very memorable experience.

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