Solo Backpacker to Singapore # 6

Then I went into the Mustafa center, walked around briefly on the first floor and then up to the 2nd floor of the chocolate section. In the chocolate-brown was confused about what to buy chocolate. Here I just buy chocolate and chestnuts for souvenirs. Apparently chocolate shopping pretty heavy too, 250 grams x 6 = its almost  2 kg. From Mustafa center, I back again to the hostel to put groceries, then walk to Bugis street MRT station.

Mustafa Center

Next destination is Orchard road. From Bugis street st MRT directly to Orchard Road MRT station. On the way, Zain called and told me she would meet me at Orchard Road MRT station. I’m so surprised because I think he’s at work. When I got out of the MRT train, I looked for Zain. Quite difficult as we have never met. Hehehe…. In confusion, Zain called asking me where. He waited at the MTR station wearing a hat and a black shirt. Finally, we met, he said he would accompany me for a while walking the Orchard road. it’s okay, at least today there are friends.

We take a walk around Orchard road and take pictures. When lunch arrived, Zain took me to Lucky Plaza for lunch. After ordering a meal, it was treated by Zain. Thank you….

But unfortunately Zain did not accompany me to lunch, he was in a hurry to have another appointment. Well, finally we split up here. thanks, Zain.

After lunch, I continued my journey to Garden by the bay. This park is very beautiful. Here there are supertrees, artificial trees as high as 16 floors. We can climb to the top of the supertrees and walk through the suspension bridge connecting the supertrees(OCBC Skyway). From the top of this suspension bridge, we can enjoy views of area Garden by the bay.

Garden by the bay

When going to take pictures on this bridge, I’m confused about who to ask. Incidentally, there is a group of teenage girls who took turns taking pictures. Then I volunteered to take a picture of them all, and they take pictures of me. Hehehe…

OCBC Skyway

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