Solo Backpacker to Singapore # 5

From Chinatown down at Little India station. When viewed from the map and from the info I read, from Little India station to Mustafa center only 5 minutes. But I feel it has been running more than 5 minutes, Mustafa center building has not been seen. And along the way, many pass the Indians. Along the way I went there were also several Indian temples. Uh oh, began to worry lest I get lost.

After walking long enough and my feet getting tired, I finally ventured to ask an oriental-faced man who was in a café. I said that I seem to get lost, and I want to go back to the hostel that is in the Bugis area. The man showed the direction to walk straight then turn right then upon Bugis street. After I thanked him, I followed the directions from the man.

Finally, I reached the street that I know, Bugis street. It was a great relief. Arrived at the Hostel around 11 pm, and the body was all sticky. After showering and having dinner with Energen, I entered the room.

One of the facilities of this hostel is wifi so I can contact Zain. I told him that I was lost, going to Mustafa center but to Little India. He suggested tomorrow to Mustafa center because it is near from Bugis street, so he suggested to walk. Then Zain sent a map of the direction to the Mustafa center. I think, oh, let’s continue tomorrow’s adventure. Today is enough and now it’s time to rest.

The morning after shower and breakfast at Hostel. Do not forget to bring the provision of drinking water, to save buy mineral water 

Armed with a map sent by Zain last night, I walked along Bugis street. Oh, that’s Malabar Muslim mosque, as it is on the map, it means I’m on the right path. The streets are quiet and beautiful with trees on either side of the road. Past the Arab street and I went on the journey. There are old buildings on either side of the road, no tall buildings around here.

Along the way to Mustafa center

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