Solo Backpacker to Singapore # 3

After the drinking water problem resolved, I immediately headed for the immigration section. Arriving at Immigration, the officer asked a few questions. Among other things, how long in Singapore, in what order, where to stay, the amount of money brought was also asked. In fact, I was told to show the money I was carrying. I frankly only brought 200 $S. Perhaps the immigration officer is afraid if I stutter there. Ha ha ha….

After I got out of Immigration I immediately bought an Ez-link card that is a card to ride public transport while in Singapore. After purchasing an Ez-link card, I top up by 10 $S because during my time in Singapore I will often use MRT to explore. I also took a map of Singapore and the MRT line map.

After studying briefly about the MRT line, I took the MRT to Bugis area. Armed with a map, down from Bugis street MRT station, I walked to ABC Hostel. Walking in Singapore is very convenient because the pavement is wide and cool because on both sides of the road are many big trees. The road is also wide, traffic is also quiet, no traffic jams.

After walking about 15 minutes finally reached the ABC Hostel. This hostel is not too big, next to the cafe. I headed straight for the receptionist to check in. Here I have to pay 20 $S as collateral, the deposit will be refunded when we check out.

After being shown my room, I had lunch with lunch I had brought from Indonesia. After lunch, I keep my backpack in the locker. I just bring a sling bag and camera for a walk on day 1 in Singapore.

The first destination is Chinese Garden. Out of ABC Hostel, back on foot to Bugis street MRT station. Public transportation in Singapore is very convenient. From Bugis street MRT station, get off at Chinese Garden MRT station. At Chinese Garden, it does not cost anything. The park is quite spacious and divided into 2 areas namely Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden. I went to Chinese Garden to start off in this Park.

Twin Pagoda
Chinese Garden

In Chinese garden, there are some typical Chinese buildings one of the Pagoda. On the shore of the lake, there is a Twin Pagoda building. The park area is very beautiful, with grasses are neat, clean and green. In this area, there is also a statue of Confucius. After traveling around finally arrived at Japanese Garden. Here there is a bonsai garden.

Confucius statue

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