Solo Backpacker to Singapore # 2

The night before the day of departure, enough trouble with the goods will be brought to Singapore. I only had one backpack and one slippery bag. I did not pick up the luggage so all the bags I was carrying would enter the cabin. To save the cost of eating there, I brought Energen and Kokokrunch. Saturday morning, leaving for Adisucipto Airport was escorted by my father. Because I did not have time to eat breakfast, I also brought lunch with rice box.

After checking in, when inspection of goods in Immigration there is little problem. My hand & body lotion did not pass the inspection because the size is too big that is 200ml. The maximum liquid that can enter the cabin is 100ml if more than that must enter the trunk. Since I did not buy luggage then my hand & body had to be left behind. Hiks. … it was full, a newly purchased.

It turned out quite a long wait in the waiting room. Because it has not been breakfast, this stomach is getting hungry. Finally, I opened my lunch and I had breakfast in the waiting room. After breakfast, I searched for drinking water. Drinking water I’ve spent before the examination, so I just bring an empty bottle. Apparently in this waiting room is not provided drinking water. When traveling there is a call to get on the plane. Oops … I finally got on the plane with a thirst. Finished breakfast finally had a call to get on the plane. Let’s start this journey … 

About 1-hour air travel, finally arrived at Singapore Changi Airport. Down from the plane I immediately look for drinking water. Fortunately at this airport is available drinking water to the public. I just drank and did not forget to fill my empty water bottle. Passable can save, because of the info that I have heard, mineral water in Singapore is quite expensive.

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