Trip to Makasar #5

In the morning around 6 am, we get off at Maros because we will continue our journey to Bantimurung National Park. From Maros we ride public transport or in Makassar called ‘pete-pete’. Arriving at the National Park Bantimurung still early, we immediately buy tickets and enter the national park area. Since we arrived too early, the butterfly captivity area is still closed. Finally, we head straight to Bantimurung waterfall.

Bantimurung National Park


Around this waterfall, many yellow butterflies are flying in groups. In addition to this waterfall, there are directions to the Batu Cave and Kassi Kebo Lake which is about 800 meters. But I and Lina decided not to go there and quite enjoy the scenery around Bantimurung waterfall. After a short break, take pictures and play water, we will continue the journey.

Bantimurung waterfall


At the National Park exit, we asked the officer about the Maros tourist area. After weighing the limited time, we decided to cancel our visit to Maros and headed straight for Makasar. Riding a ‘pete-pete’ to Makasar plans to get off at Daya Terminal then look for a motorcycle rental to get around Makasar city. But finally, we get off at a gas station, then take a shower and rest there.

It’s noon when we get to Makassar. It turns out the weather in Makassar is very hot, while resting, we negotiate the next plan. The original plan for the motorcycle rental was canceled, we ended up renting a car for the rest of the day in Makassar. We search for car rental info on the internet, then we call, finally get a car that we can rent.

Waiting for about 30 minutes, finally, the car we rent came. We immediately ask to be escorted to Fort Rotterdam Fort. Once satisfied walking and photographing in the area of Fort Rotterdam, we returned to the car and asked to be delivered lunch typical of Makasar food ‘titi noodles’ & ‘Jalangkote’. We are escorted to Makassar’s culinary region. After lunch then we are escorted to the gift shop. I bought sago cake as a souvenir.

The day is getting late, the journey continues to Losari Beach. On this beach, we take pictures and do not forget to taste the typical food of Makassar ‘epe’ banana. banana ‘epe’ is a banana that has not been too cooked, baked then sprinkled with brown sugar sauce.

As the sun began to set, we finally asked to be escorted to the airport. Finished already our journey in Makassar.

See you on the next journey


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