Trip to Makasar #4

Then we continue the journey to the next destination. But because the stomach is starving we go back to Rantepao town looking for a restaurant. After searching for halal food stalls, we decided to lunch with rice mixed ‘rawon’ sauce.

After lunch, we headed to Bori’ Kalimbuang megalith relics complex. Towards Bori’ Kalimbuang, we ride motorcycles through the cool and beautiful rice fields. In this complex, there are stones menhir which was established in honor of indigenous leaders or descendants of the nobles who have died. In this area, there is also a baby grave but must walk about 700meter. What distinguishes it from another cemetery is a dead baby placed in the Tara tree. But seeing the sky is cloudy, we worry about rain when we do not carry an umbrella. Finally, we get around the area of Bori’ Kalimbuang only.

Bori’ Kalimbuang


While preparing to return to the city of Rantepao, it rains hardly forcing us to take shelter here. It was raining quite a while, I got sleepy. We began to worry if the rain is not abated, even though it is already dark. But eventually, the rain began to subside. After a little rain, we finally return to Rantepao city.

Before returning the motorcycle rental we stop by the bus agent to buy tickets back to the city of Makassar. After getting a ticket and return the motorcycle, we walk around Rantepao downtown while waiting for the bus departure hours to Makassar. When walking around do not forget to stop by to buy Toraja coffee as souvenirs. I also bought a T-shirt bearing the Toraja .

Around 10:00 PM we board the bus and return to Makassar city. Inside the bus, we rest & sleep. Because tomorrow morning there are still plans to go to the Makassar city.

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