Story trip to Mount Bromo #2

Once satisfied to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo at sunrise, we agreed to ride motorcycles to the crater of Bromo, savannah and whisper sand.

With 9 motorcycles we go hand in hand through the fog which suddenly descends into the crater of Bromo. With the misty atmosphere, we are escorted to the foot of the Bromo crater and they will wait until we come down later.

The stairs in Bromo crater

After getting off the motorcycle taxi, we walk through the mist above the sand. In the middle of the road the fog was gone but then appeared again. If you do not want to get too tired, can ride a horse from the motorcycle taxi to the bottom of the stairs, Bromo crater. After walking for a while, we come under the crater stairs Bromo. Take a break, take a breath. Hehehe…

Then proceed up the stairs (they said 250 stairs) but I did not count. hahaha …. After almost out of breath up the stairs, we finally reached the crater Bromo. After satisfied take photos around the crater, we go down again. time down, there are spots that I think is good for photos, so I, Imas and Nirma photographs first … hehe …

After we go down to the ojek parking lot and have been waited to continue to Savana and whisper sand. Had one of the ojek drivers there, so must be searched first. Prior to Savana, we stopped for a moment to the temple. But it should not go to be just tough from the outside in front of the entrance.

Arriving at Savana was offered by a motorcycle taxi driver, besides the hill it Ranupani … if want there added cost again. Hahaha … No thank you, Sir, there’s maybe another time  …  Ranupani is the first post going to climb Mount Semeru.

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