Story Trip to Mount Bromo

On the road heading to Mount Bromo, we find a clean, cheap and representative food stall for lunch. And the choice fell on a food stall on a wicker-walled bamboo street. After looking at the menu list and see the price is quite affordable (chicken fried ), I choose fried chicken + rice + ginger milk. # After the hot tea experience fitting Soto breakfast in front of Gubeng station earlier, for some reason I feel the tea here feels weird.
Friends also mostly choose the same menu. And it turns out, we have to wait long enough to eat. While waiting for the food to be ready, we chatted. About the taste of the tea here is strange (I, Jefri and Ninggrum agree on this), about the offer from Elly if I want to Ijen will be ready to deliver because of his house in Banyuwangi (Cool ….), and other chats that are not important. : D
Was also interested in the durian fruit who hang in the shop, but after asking the price is too expensive for me. The reason for the sellers because the durian harvest this time is not as much as it used to be expensive. Finally, not to buy durian.
After the food came and we immediately eat, we continue the journey to Mount Bromo. And in the car, I slept again.
Had a brief stop at the mosque for midday prayers and Asr, we finally arrived at Mount Bromo.
Hanung then contacts Adi who booked the inn, and it turns out that the lodging we ordered was not available, finally, we are placed in lodging with 2 room facilities and warm water. Our lodgings are hidden behind other lodgings, but I do not think it’s a problem, which is important is we can sleep & not to be cold. hehehe …
Upon entering the inn, everyone took off their shoes/sandals and wow it’s very cold. So I immediately wear socks. ha ha ha…
And there is one more bad news, Adi said Hanung did not say anything about the lease jeep, so we do not get a jeep when all jeeps have been booked. What do we go to Pananjakan? Adi said it will be sought after, and the worst possible for example can not, we can see the sunrise in the view post approximately 10 minutes walk from the inn. Well, we just surrender, while waiting for news from Adi, we clean, bathe, walking around the inn while looking for dinner.
When our walks into a shop, there are buying shirts for souvenirs, scarves & creatures who have written Bromo and hand shirt to warm the body.
After the shopping, we had a short walk, but because it was dark and felt there was nothing to see, we decided to look for dinner only. And the choice fell in the shop near the shop where we were shopping earlier. The menu is quite complete, there is soto, rawon, rice rames, fried rice, chicken satay/goat. Because of the cold air like this, I think it’s good to eat hot. Finally I got soto + hot tea. And it turns out it does not look good….. But because hungry, then slowly still I eat it …: p
Elly who order rawon also complained, the taste of rawon is strange … Really not tasteful dinner.
After struggling to finish our dinner, we return to the inn.
Before we sleep the meeting first (hahaha….) to calculate the sharing cost we should spend. After that, the inn Rp.600.000,- + rent Elf 2 days x Rp.800.000,- = Rp.1.600.000,- + eat + rent jeep Rp.800.000,-  (if any), finally per person pay Rp. 363.000, -.
After the money collected, time to rest because tomorrow must wake up at 4 am to clay sunrise.
At 4 am, everyone is awake and can hear from Adi if we didn’t get a jeep, then we decided the way to the lodging point of view near the inn.
I already wearing t-shirts, sweater, jumper, legging and batik pants but still feel cold. Finally, add one more cargo pants. hahaha …. (know not have reserves of fat for heating: p)
When exiting the inn there is no one has a single carrying a flashlight, so we come out dark and finally just use the hp flashlights.
When walking towards the viewing post, we see the jeep line to Mount Bromo, wuih … really crowded. After paying the tickets, we go to Mount Bromo tourist area. We are all confused about where to go towards the view post because no one knows. Finally after asked the person and shown the direction we headed there. Dark only armed with our hp flashlight walk towards the viewing post.
And after arriving is still dark so the landscape is not yet visible. Friends had prayed dawn first here.
And after a day of light, look beautiful scenery …. 🙂

Sunrise in Bromo

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