Story Trip to Madakaripura Waterfall

Heard there was a friend who planned to Bromo & Madakaripura waterfall, I immediately said to join them. It’s been a long time I want to go to Bromo & Madakaripura waterfall but friends and time are not right yet.

A week before departure,  I was worried whether the trip would be done or not, why there was no news at all. Even 4 days before the trip, I got sick. But fortunately, the body can compromise and be healthy … 🙂

The day before departure I was given news was got a ticket Gayabaru Train for the date 22 des’2012 hours 21.40. And direct meeting point at Lempuyangan station on Saturday 22 Dec’12 at 20:30.

On Saturday I still working, go straight packing, say goodbye to parents (thank you, father and mother, just 1 message; ‘be careful’ :)) and slid to Lempuyangan station.

20:45 to Lempuyangan station and leave the motor (stay 2 days) and do not see familiar faces. Because in this trip, just know 1 person friend, and others will meet at this station.

After a long wait, a familiar face appeared, Hanung, who immediately introduced me to his friends: Ningrum and Jeffri from Jogja: Metty, Aryani, and Imas from Jakarta. And apparently still waiting for one more friend from Jogja.

The train departure time is close, but one friend has not arrived yet and can hear if the bike broke down. Still hoping with anxious, a friend got to the station.

Finally, until the train departs, one friend has not departed and was forced to be left behind.

Finally we six went to Surabaya, and I chose to sleep on the train 🙂 and arrived at Gubeng station around the 3rd hour.

While waiting for 2 friends from Surabaya who want to join and also waiting for a new chartered car picked up at 8, we sleep on the station. Time to give news of friends from BPI Surabaya if we at the station Gubeng they come to us and had time to chat then farewell: )

After 2 friends from Surabaya came, Elly & Nirma, so a total of 9 people, we seek breakfast first in front of the station. And I choose breakfast chicken soup and hot tea.

Since the chartered car is still long coming around 8 am, after breakfast, we take a walk to the back of Gubeng station which is the statue of Landmark of Surabaya City; Statues of Sura and Buaya. And there’s also a submarine museum, but because it’s still closed, we just photograph in front of it …. 🙂

Surabaya icons, Sura and Crocodile

Once satisfied take pictures, we go back to Gubeng station to wait for a chartered car, skipping the chance to find tickets back to Jakarta for Metty et al, and the ticket was out.

After the chartered car comes, then the first day trip to the Madakaripura waterfall begins …. 🙂

Madakaripura waterfall is located in Probolinggo, about 4 hours drive from Surabaya. After approximately 4 hours trip, finally reached Madakaripura waterfall. Cheap ticket, but unfortunately, if we do not ask for tickets, they will not be given. While still in the car also offered a guide for the group. We already said do not want to use a guide, but they still follow behind, make uncomfortable.

And apparently, the road to the waterfall was badly damaged, had to cross the river many times and up and down the cliff. While the sky above looks overcast, so have been warned not to stay long in the waterfall. Go to the main waterfall, must pass through a small waterfall that will wet us. So be very careful with the photos, afraid the camera will get wet.

Statue of Gadjah Mada

The water is brown, no one dares to approach the main waterfall. Due to weather and circumstances that do not support, we finally decided not to continue the journey to the waterfall. Too bad we can not see the beauty of Madakaripura waterfall. 🙁

After cleaning and changing clothes, we go to the next destination of Bromo.

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