Trip to Solo #2 (Parang Ijo waterfall, Sukuh Temple & Jumog waterfall)

Get off from Cetho temple, we stop by Kemuning tea plantation just take pictures. Tea plantation area is just on the roadside towards the Parang Ijo waterfall & Sukuh temple. So unfortunately if you do not stop by.

After taking some photos, we continue the journey to the Parang Ijo waterfall, approximately 20 minutes from Cetho temple. After parking the motor, we walk towards the waterfall that is not too far away. This waterfall is not too big with a height of about 60m. Although the waterfall is not too big the scenery is quite beautiful supported by the cool air, suitable for family recreation.
Here we also just briefly, just take pictures.
Then we forward the next destination is Sukuh temple. Sukuh Temple is a relic of Majapahit kingdom and was built around the 15th century. The types of this temple are the building of a temple terraces similar to the Mayan temple in Mexico.

Once satisfied around & take pictures in the temple area, we continue the journey to the next destination.

The next destination is our last destination in Karanganyar namely Jumog waterfall. Toward the waterfall of Jumog, we walk through the river with clear water, very pleasant. On the edge of the river, many food vendors especially sate rabbit. Actually, we are hungry again, but we decide to play water in the waterfall first. Jumog waterfalls are quite beautiful with clear water.

But because the time is getting late, we decided just to take pictures and then directly message satay rabbit in a warung near the waterfall. Yeah, we eat rabbit satay again. Hehehe…While waiting for food to be served, we both play water in the river near where we eat. After the food came, because of the cold and the hungry stomach. We really enjoyed the rabbit satay and hot tea served.

After a short meal and rest, we decide to go home soon as the day is getting late. Approximately 1-hour drive we arrived in front of Purwosari station, make a deal with Ridho to return the bike. Do not forget we filled the tank full of gasoline. :)When returning the motor, we say goodbye and say a big thank you for the motorcycle loan.Then we buy 2 Prameks train tickets to go back to Jogja.Until the monument station, take the motor, take Nuning and finally go home. Time for a break. A very enjoyable day adventure 🙂


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