Trip to Solo #1 ( Candi Cetho)

Solo City is located in Central Java Province, Indonesia. From Jakarta or Bali can be reached for one hour through air travel. From Kuala Lumpur for two hours and from Singapore for one and a half hours.

Karanganyar is one of the regencies in Central Java Province. About 1 hour from Solo and 3 hours drive from Jogja my hometown.

The famous tourist attraction in Karanganyar is Tawangmangu with Grojogansewu waterfall. Supported by the cool air because it is located at the foot of Lawu mountain and beautiful natural scenery. But besides Grojogansewu, there are many waterfalls and temples there.
That’s why I and my friend Nuning want to go out there.
Without any plans, on Sunday morning, we leave for a motorbike to Tugu station and directly buy 2 Pramex train tickets.
After traveling for 1 hour finally arrived at Solo Purwosari station. After getting off the train I immediately contacted my friend Ridho to borrow the motor. Not until 30 minutes, Ridho has come bringing motorcycle and 2 helmets for me & Nuning. After that, me and Nuning directly to Karanganyar, although not sure the place, just armed with a map & the spirit of adventure 🙂
Without significant difficulties, as many guides to Tawangmangu and a smooth road.
Just a bit uphill after arriving at the foot of Mount Lawu. Our first goal is Cetho temple. Towards this Cetho temple, we pass a fairly steep road so be very careful to ride a motorcycle. Like the mountain area in general, along the way we are treated to the beautiful natural scenery.
Before arriving at Cetho temple, we have to go through a very steep uphill path. Because I was scared, then Nuning I ordered to get off the motorcycle and on foot. While I keep riding the motor zig-zag. After passing the steep incline finally arrived at the gate of Cetho temple.
After buying a ticket, we go to the temple and take a walk to enjoy the scenery around the temple.

According to historical records, Cetho temple was built in the 15th century during the Majapahit kingdom. What stands out from this temple is the existence of a stone structure that forms a giant tortoise that supposedly as a symbol of Majapahit. In front of the turtle’s head, there is a symbol of the phallus (male genitals) along the 2 meters is equipped with piercing type (amp; piercing) type ampallang. Turtles are symbols of the creation of the universe while the penis is a symbol of human creation.

Stone structure in Cetho temple

Once satisfied around in Cetho temple, we are interested in the signpost that read Kethek temple. out of curiosity, we follow the directions to the Kethek temple. Past the path that is beside the Cetho temple, past the edge of the cliff, finally, we arrived at Kethek Temple. Kethek temple is a staircase pyramid and has similarities with the main building of Cetho temple. Shortly up at the temple Khetek, fog down quite thick. Got climbed to the top of the temple, at the top there is a place of worship of Hindus. So the building of this temple is still used by Hindus to perform religious rituals.

Puri Saraswati

Because the fog is getting thicker and drizzle starts to fall, we do not linger here. We go back to Cetho temple all past Puri Saraswati and sendang(springs) that is around the temple.Fortunately, when we got to the Cetho temple the drizzle subsided and because we were hungry, we ate the rabbit satay at the warung near the entrance gate of Cetho temple. When finished we continue the trip to the next destination 🙂

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