Solo Backpacker to Singapore # 7

Once satisfied enjoy the beauty of the Garden by the bay from the top, then I went down and continue around the garden area. Then I went on to Merlion Park. Take the MRT from Marina Bay station, get off at Raffles place station. From here we just walk through the Fullerton hotel, cross the street and arrive at Merlion Park. While walking to Merlion park, I see ice cream seller Singapore’s headliner. I did not miss the opportunity to buy ice cream for 1 $ S.

Merlion Park

I sat enjoying the Merlion park atmosphere while eating ice cream. As the day begins to darken, the lights in this area begin to light up and bring beautiful scenery.

The view at night from Merlion park

While at Merlion park, I met a group of girls from Indonesia who were on vacation in Singapore. We chatted for a while and took turns taking pictures. Hehee ….

From Merlion park, I continued on foot to Waterfront Esplanade. Here it seems that there is a music show. After enjoying for a while, I finally decided to go back to the hostel. Out of Bugis street MRT station, I was hungry. No wonder, have not had dinner yet. Because confused want to eat where. I went to Seven Eleven and bought Chicken rice. Since it is late at night, it can be 50% discount. Not bad …: D

After I warmed it up I brought it back to the hostel. Until the hostel is very late. Instantly eat, bathe and sleep. Tomorrow morning it’s time to go back to Jogja.

In the morning at breakfast, I met some Indonesians staying here. A woman from Bekasi. He came to Singapore with his parents to attend a graduation ceremony for his sister studying in Singapore. Chatted for a while, I excused myself to leave for Changi Airport because it was time to go home. Do not forget I call Zain to say goodbye and thank you.

Time to board the plane back to Jogja. Goodbye Singapore, a very memorable experience.

Solo Backpacker to Singapore # 6

Then I went into the Mustafa center, walked around briefly on the first floor and then up to the 2nd floor of the chocolate section. In the chocolate-brown was confused about what to buy chocolate. Here I just buy chocolate and chestnuts for souvenirs. Apparently chocolate shopping pretty heavy too, 250 grams x 6 = its almost  2 kg. From Mustafa center, I back again to the hostel to put groceries, then walk to Bugis street MRT station.

Mustafa Center

Next destination is Orchard road. From Bugis street st MRT directly to Orchard Road MRT station. On the way, Zain called and told me she would meet me at Orchard Road MRT station. I’m so surprised because I think he’s at work. When I got out of the MRT train, I looked for Zain. Quite difficult as we have never met. Hehehe…. In confusion, Zain called asking me where. He waited at the MTR station wearing a hat and a black shirt. Finally, we met, he said he would accompany me for a while walking the Orchard road. it’s okay, at least today there are friends.

We take a walk around Orchard road and take pictures. When lunch arrived, Zain took me to Lucky Plaza for lunch. After ordering a meal, it was treated by Zain. Thank you….

But unfortunately Zain did not accompany me to lunch, he was in a hurry to have another appointment. Well, finally we split up here. thanks, Zain.

After lunch, I continued my journey to Garden by the bay. This park is very beautiful. Here there are supertrees, artificial trees as high as 16 floors. We can climb to the top of the supertrees and walk through the suspension bridge connecting the supertrees(OCBC Skyway). From the top of this suspension bridge, we can enjoy views of area Garden by the bay.

Garden by the bay

When going to take pictures on this bridge, I’m confused about who to ask. Incidentally, there is a group of teenage girls who took turns taking pictures. Then I volunteered to take a picture of them all, and they take pictures of me. Hehehe…

OCBC Skyway

Solo Backpacker to Singapore # 5

From Chinatown down at Little India station. When viewed from the map and from the info I read, from Little India station to Mustafa center only 5 minutes. But I feel it has been running more than 5 minutes, Mustafa center building has not been seen. And along the way, many pass the Indians. Along the way I went there were also several Indian temples. Uh oh, began to worry lest I get lost.

After walking long enough and my feet getting tired, I finally ventured to ask an oriental-faced man who was in a café. I said that I seem to get lost, and I want to go back to the hostel that is in the Bugis area. The man showed the direction to walk straight then turn right then upon Bugis street. After I thanked him, I followed the directions from the man.

Finally, I reached the street that I know, Bugis street. It was a great relief. Arrived at the Hostel around 11 pm, and the body was all sticky. After showering and having dinner with Energen, I entered the room.

One of the facilities of this hostel is wifi so I can contact Zain. I told him that I was lost, going to Mustafa center but to Little India. He suggested tomorrow to Mustafa center because it is near from Bugis street, so he suggested to walk. Then Zain sent a map of the direction to the Mustafa center. I think, oh, let’s continue tomorrow’s adventure. Today is enough and now it’s time to rest.

The morning after shower and breakfast at Hostel. Do not forget to bring the provision of drinking water, to save buy mineral water 

Armed with a map sent by Zain last night, I walked along Bugis street. Oh, that’s Malabar Muslim mosque, as it is on the map, it means I’m on the right path. The streets are quiet and beautiful with trees on either side of the road. Past the Arab street and I went on the journey. There are old buildings on either side of the road, no tall buildings around here.

Along the way to Mustafa center

Solo Backpacker to Singapore # 4

While in front of the Confucian statue, I wanted a photo but no place to put the camera. When there’s a couple of men and women around me, I ask for help to photo me. I’ve shown you how and angle photos I want. But the result still did not match my expectations. The couple is starting to look uncomfortable, well … I seem to interrupt their date. I say thank you, even though I have not got the angle I want. This is the weakness of traveling alone.

After satisfying around and taking pictures, I went back to the Chinese Garden MRT station and proceeded to Sentosa island. From the MRT Chinese Garden station down at Harborfront MRT station.

Most MRT stations here are always close to the Mall. Out of the Harbourfront station, I headed straight for Vivo City Mall. Since I was going to Sentosa Island by using the monorail of Sentosa express sky train, then I had to go up to the 3rd floor of Vivo city. On the 3rd floor of Vivo city, I take a walk to enjoy the scenery there.

3rd floor of Vivo city
Sentosa Merlion

After purchasing the Sentosa express sky train ticket, I headed straight to Resort World Sentosa, Universal Studios area. Here I just photograph in front of the world ball Universal Studio Singapore. To me, that’s enough. Ha ha ha….

Photos in front of the globe Universal Studio Singapore
Siloso Beach

After taking a photo in front of the USS, I continued my journey around the RWS area, then headed to Siloso Beach. I spent time at Siloso beach while waiting for sunset. As it gets dark, use Sentosa express to return to Vivo city.

After stepping off the 3rd floor of Vivo city head straight for Harbor Front MRT station. From Harbor front MRT station I got off at Chinatown, took a quick look and considered to buy a souvenir here or at Mustafa center. Info from friends, at Mustafa center cheaper price. And Mustafa center operates 24 hours. So I think from China town direct shopping gift at Mustafa center, then go back to the hostel. Tomorrow morning is free not thinking about souvenir.

Solo Backpacker to Singapore # 3

After the drinking water problem resolved, I immediately headed for the immigration section. Arriving at Immigration, the officer asked a few questions. Among other things, how long in Singapore, in what order, where to stay, the amount of money brought was also asked. In fact, I was told to show the money I was carrying. I frankly only brought 200 $S. Perhaps the immigration officer is afraid if I stutter there. Ha ha ha….

After I got out of Immigration I immediately bought an Ez-link card that is a card to ride public transport while in Singapore. After purchasing an Ez-link card, I top up by 10 $S because during my time in Singapore I will often use MRT to explore. I also took a map of Singapore and the MRT line map.

After studying briefly about the MRT line, I took the MRT to Bugis area. Armed with a map, down from Bugis street MRT station, I walked to ABC Hostel. Walking in Singapore is very convenient because the pavement is wide and cool because on both sides of the road are many big trees. The road is also wide, traffic is also quiet, no traffic jams.

After walking about 15 minutes finally reached the ABC Hostel. This hostel is not too big, next to the cafe. I headed straight for the receptionist to check in. Here I have to pay 20 $S as collateral, the deposit will be refunded when we check out.

After being shown my room, I had lunch with lunch I had brought from Indonesia. After lunch, I keep my backpack in the locker. I just bring a sling bag and camera for a walk on day 1 in Singapore.

The first destination is Chinese Garden. Out of ABC Hostel, back on foot to Bugis street MRT station. Public transportation in Singapore is very convenient. From Bugis street MRT station, get off at Chinese Garden MRT station. At Chinese Garden, it does not cost anything. The park is quite spacious and divided into 2 areas namely Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden. I went to Chinese Garden to start off in this Park.

Twin Pagoda
Chinese Garden

In Chinese garden, there are some typical Chinese buildings one of the Pagoda. On the shore of the lake, there is a Twin Pagoda building. The park area is very beautiful, with grasses are neat, clean and green. In this area, there is also a statue of Confucius. After traveling around finally arrived at Japanese Garden. Here there is a bonsai garden.

Confucius statue